Defective Products & Product Liability Attorneys Ensuring Consumers Have Safe and Effective Products. When A Defective Product Has Caused An Injury, Illness, Or Death, What Should Your Personal Injury Law Firm Provide? Support. Accountability. Justice.

When you make a purchase, whether it is medication, food, a child’s car seat, a piece of machinery, or even a new toy, you buy in on its safety. We expect consumer goods to be properly labeled with clear information regarding instructions, warnings, and possible side effects. Yet there are some instances in which a product with known defects or potential risks enters the marketplace, and can lead to great harm.

Our trust is placed in manufacturers, hoping that they followed the appropriate safety precautions. Unfortunately, corporations and manufacturers will sometimes bypass necessary safety guidelines during design and production, in order to increase their profit margins, leading to poor design or defective products.

All too often, this lack of consumer advocacy can cause serious injuries or death. These types of cases are called ‘product liability’ cases, and the lawyers of Balkan, Patterson & Charbonnet know these cases well. Our lawyers will sift through every aspect of the case, and sort out all the elements that will help you in your quest for justice, and thoroughly explain things every step of the way.

The parties responsible for a defective product must be held liable for their actions. Whether the injury occurs due to poor design, lack of proper warning labels, use of cheap or insufficient materials, assembly errors, tainted ingredients, or a general manufacturer error, we can represent your product liability case. Click here to schedule your complimentary consultation.